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The Bookstore Metaphor. As mentioned early on this site, we are following a great new policy: read half—try-buy. Reading half the book will give you a good idea if you like it and want to know how it ends.

For The Price of a Coffee: Buy the whole e-book (or p-book) safely and securely at Amazon and keep reading without interruption. Find out how the story ends. You can also try a rich mix of other great mystery, suspense, thriller, crime fiction on this site. Plenty to choose from, over several genres, until you find the one you really love. Click on the buy link below for a quick, safe trip to Amazon's website, where you can buy this book.

Clocktower Books has been an Amazon affiliate for over twenty years, so you're in good hands. Your purchase will help Clocktower Books and the author stay in business to provide you with further great entertainment. Thank you!

Makes Perfect Sense. You walk into your favorite bookstore (free). You sit and read all day (free). You decide you like the book and want to take it home (not free but fee). Same thing here. It's Economics 101.

Read-a-Latte. For the price of a latte (cup of coffee) you can buy the e-book; add a sandwich, and it's the p-book. The coffee is gone in minutes, but the book is yours forever. Painless, safe, secure, and we all win. Thank you for your interest and support.


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